Sell 3d crystal laser subsurface engraving machine

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Main Function:
This machine adopt advanced conversion software, what can convert 2D normal photo to 3D image, and then use our laser subsurface engraving machine to engrave 3D image into crystal and glass products, etc. , at same time, it can produce the individual crystal gifts and souvenirs, such as 3D image, personal name, handprint, footprint and trophy etc. , it also can work for a large scale production of 2D, 3D animals & plants, architectures, models such as car, boat, airplane etc, and 3D scene show.

1. Equipped with self-developed conversion software, 2D normal photo can be engraved as 3D images;
2. Adopted the advanced galvanometer scanner technology together with 2KHz diode-pumped YAG frequency doubling laser which is faster, the laser point is more thin and bright, the image also will be more elaborate and lively.
3. The key parts of the apparatus mainly come from Germany and the USA. It is more reasonable and steady for long-term production.
4. Suitable for individual production and batch fast process. Just one machine could be satisfied with capacity for both storefronts network distribution and electric-business distribution.
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