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The LE-X-Plus is update design laser sub-engraving system from LE-X. It adopts the excellent stable diode-end pumped Nd:YVO4 laser. The system is excellent mobility and large capability within the smallest package. It has ultra-compact high-speed scanner as a standard component and most precise engraving with extraordinary beam quality. The system design user-friendly software under WINDOWS requiring only short training. It is ideal for retail and special events. The LE-X-Plus handles glass sizes up to 320W320W120 mm (engraving size 300W300W100 mm) ; It is enough space for personalized crystal gifts creativity. The portable system design and user friendly operation features meet the most popular demands in the market. Any type of the most popular 3D portraits and 2D images can be engraved into any crystal materials.

a. Based on a proprietary electro-optic Q-switching technology, The laser source features a very high peak power with good wall plug efficiency.
b. The sealed miniaturized laser head is insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments.
c. Emitting laser with a pulse duration shorter than 2 ns and using in a special optical correction design make the highest sub-engraving quality.
d. Adopting unique photo processing technology reaches the perfect engraving effect
e. Using the best tiling technology in the world reach 300*300 mm engraving range with zero width edge
f. Laser auto focus , maintenance-free optical path and alignment mechanism make sure very stable engraving quality.
g. Laser running controlled by computer eliminates fault induced by manual operation. The processing is One-Step engraving. 
h. Modular design utilizes standard components for easier service
i. Plug-n-play characteristics give the system ease of installation and a quick start-up time
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