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USA penetrating imager to detect the use of an electromagnetic field of the Earth encountered a different media and changes to achieve the three-dimensional images of the ground-penetrating measuring instruments. Be able to detect 16 meters. It does not signal fired into the earth, but the use of the Earth's interior has been the existence of the Earth's electromagnetic field signal to prevent the common ground-penetrating radar to launch the high-power signal to the human body and the environment at the same time not interfere with the external environment, applies to all Complex environment. USA penetrating imager easy to use, clear imaging, structured, three-dimensional feeling strong, accurate, and is now on the market can only achieve the same time, metal objects and detect non-metallic objects on the ground floor of the imaging detector. USA ground-penetrating imaging devices because of its good cost performance, widely used in underground metal and non-metallic pipes of the pipeline detection, and waste-water pond search, road construction inspection, not a military search-blasting, building the basis of detection, the underwater Kinds of objects and the piping of the dam in the search. In addition to the flat in place of the application, and can be used in Hill Road, the water areas. USA penetrating imager to detect the speed of other detectors can not compare it with fast cars and use. The quality of detection and data analysis capability is also other types of imaging detectors by the less. ? USA penetrating imager working principle Any material on the Earth's electromagnetic field will have an impact, but different material on the Earth's electromagnetic signal amplitude and phase changes is different, these changes in the USA through the ground-penetrating imager through its patented technology of the high sensitivity of the probe to receive and to receive broadband , Will be under the surface of a variety of objects on the Earth's electromagnetic field generated by amplitude and phase changes and to receive recognition, and then by Zhu Kongji data collection will be simple to deal with, and through ETHERNET interface to send data to the computer, USA Penetrating the imager 3D image processing software through the acquisition of amplitude and phase changes in data processing, in order to achieve the objects on the ground floor of the imaging probe. If the ground under a cave, which is equivalent to Earth in a scar that will change on the Earth's electromagnetic field. This, USA penetrating imager will be out of the cave exploration, and through holes in three-dimensional images will be displayed. ? USA penetrating imager and its model Penetrating test ground-penetrating imaging system software from a number of sensor array, controller, computer, 3D imaging software, is a high-speed sampling volume of professionalism in real time detection system. 3-D imaging software is simple, a 3-D images, the user can adjust the settings and parameters to allow rapid identification and analysis of the detected objects. USA penetrating imager-economic, basic, standard-and four-precision models. One basic, standard-type precision and have real-time detection mode. Real-time detection mode allows users along the route to detect any irregular objects on the ground floor. Another unique feature is its ability to sample, the user can fast movement of vehicles, vessels on the application of USA to imagers exploration, access to satisfactory test results and full-screen 3D images.
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