Sell 4 channel nimh charger

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1. AC(wide voltage input 85V~264V)
DC input(4.5V~12V) .
2. Every slot is controlled separately, every slot has a separate indication LED.
3. Control MCU has 10 bit A/D 2 bit PWM. It can obtain 2 sampling
4. precision. It can watch voltage exactly and exactly estimate the time when the battery is charged fully. -dV detect precision can up to 3.3 mV.
5. It estimate the time when the battery is charged fully using more than one method. These methods are maximum voltage(Vmax) , negative risevoltage(-dV) , maximum temperature(Tmax) , maximum risetemperature(dTmax) , maximum charge time(tmax) .
6. Maximum charge current:
1~2cells 1250mA,3 cells 900mA,4 cells 800mA (AC Input)
1~2cells 3000mA,3 cells 2500mA,4 cells 2000mA(DC Input)
7. Convert efficiency: >65%(AC Input) , >85%(DC Input)
8. It has protect function of short circuit overcurrent, overcharge,
9. overdischarge, low temperature, timing, input reverse, output reverse ect