Sell 4-Aminotoluene-3-Sulfonic Acid  (4B acid)

4-Aminotoluene-3-Sulfonic Acid  (4B acid) You May Also Be Interested In: sulfonic acid
4B acid (pure)

Chemical Name: 4-Aminotoluene-3-Sulfonic Acid
Molecular Formula: CH 3 C 6 H 3 NH 2 (SO 3 H)
CAS number: 88-44-8
Molecular Weight: 187.21 (according to 1989 International Atomic weight Standard)

Appearance: White or buff power
Purity (%) : 98.50min
Water content (%) : 0.50max
Insolubles in 10% Ammonia(%) : 0.50max
Free PT(%) : 0.1max
Packing: 25kgs, plastic woven bags with PE liner

1) . Physical properties: White or cream yellow powdery crystal soluble in diluted alkaline solution, ethyl alcohol and ether, insoluble in cold water, benzol, and chorobenzene. Lightly soluble in hot water.
2) . Chemical Properties: It has the general characteristic of amines, can diazotizate with nitrite in dilute acid.

A. Polypropylene woven bag lined with polyethylene film bag inside. Net weight: 25kg-500kg/bag.
B. Packed product can be delivered by usual transportation, but must avoid rain, moist, and direct sun light contact. Should be stored in dry, airy warehouse, avoid contact with corrosive products.
C. Storage period: One year after manufacturing.