Sell 4-Chlorotoluene ( para chlorotoluene )

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This product is a colorless transparent liquid with special odor, relative density of 1.0697, melting point of 7.50C, boiling point of 1620C, refractive index of 1.5200, and steam pressure of 1333Pa(43.80C) . It is not soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, ether, acetone etc.

This product is an organic synthetic material, applied to pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, intermediates of organic synthesis, and solvents of rubber and resin. It has many derivatives, and can be used in the manufacture of 4-chlorobenzyl chloride, 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol, 4-chlorocyanobenzyl, 2,4-dichlorophenylmethyl aldehyde, fenvalerate, antiseptics etc. Moreover, it is an intermediate of a new variety of poly-ketone polymers.

Quality Index :
Superior-Grade Product 99.70%
First Grade Product 99.50%

Precautions for Storage and Transportation :
a. Packaging Symbol: Combustible liquid
b. Subsidiary Symbol: Toxic Substance
c. Packaging Method: 200 L Steel-plastic complex drum or polyvinyl plastic-blown drum.
d. Conditions for Storage and Transportation: In Dark, ventilated warehouses, away from fire source, heat source, direct sunlight, oxidant, edible materials etc.
e. Treatment for leakage: Eliminate all fire sources, wear gas masks and gloves. Absorb with dry sand and earth, and bury the substances containing the product at non-resident places. Wash the polluted ground with soap or detergent and introduce the diluted sewage into sewage-draining systems.

Warning :
Combustible with the flash point of 490C, exploding limit of 0.7-12.2%(V) , kindling point of higher than 5000C. It will burn when meeting fire and react fiercely when meeting oxidant, and it is toxic.

Emergency Dealing:
Take the patient who has inhaled the steam away from the polluted area, and let him or her rest and stay warm. In the case of eye irritation, rinse the eyes with water or seek medical treatment. In the case of skin contact, rinse the skin with water and wash thoroughly with soap. In the case of orally taking by accident, let the patient gargle his or her mouth and send the patient immediately to hospital.

Fire Prevention:
Extinguish fire with dry powder, foams, arbon dioxide etc. with gas mask worn.

Category of Dangerous Substances and Relevant Number :
Combustible Liquid. Category GB3. 33548
IMDG CODE:Page 3320, Category 3.3

Supply Capacity
4500T a year
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
200 L