Sell 4 E1 - 2 Ethernet protocol converter

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4E1 to 2*Ethernet Converter


This convertor provide conversion from 1 to 4 E1 channels to 2 Ethernet interface with built-in switch. Support 1 to 4 E1 channels setting, it can detect the number of E1 chnanel and select available channel. It can reach 8.192 M bandwidth when 4 E1 channels works simultaneity. transmit Ethernet signal (RJ45) via point-to-point to remote RJ45 interface, realize connection between E1 channel and Ethernet, compose bridge. Can satisfy real-time video, audio, and data transmit.


(1) Based on selfcopyright IC.
(2)2 Ethernet transmit transparent through 1-4 E1 channels with built-in switch.
(3) Ethernet interface 10M/100M, full/half duplex self-adapt, support VLAN.
(4) support AUTO-MDIX, straight and crossover auto-adapt.
(5) CRC alarm limitation can auto insulate bad-quality transmit channel by configuration,
and is single direction insulation. when one direction error rate over limitation,
cut only this direction, the other direction not affected. ( the two directions need not symmetry. )
(6)4 E1 can have 10 ms transmissin delay, auto stop transmission when the delay above the limitation.
(7) Provide 2 loop functions: local E1 loop, remote E1 loop.
(8) MAC address capability:4096
(9) E1 interface according with ITU-T G.703, G.704, and G.823, not support the use of signaling time slot.
(10) E1 interface have built-in clock resume circuit and HDB3 codec circuit.
(11) Support E1 channel hot plug, and auto detect available E1 channels.
(12) Support flexible setting of 1 to 4 E1 channels, auto detect the number of E1 channels and time-delay, select available E1 channels when reset.
(13) Support reset remote system from local system.
(14) Have Ethernet monitor self-reset function, device will not dead.


E1 interface:
interface standard:according with G.703
Interface Rate:2.048Mbps+-50ppm
Jitter tolerance:according with G.742 and G.823.
transmission capability: 4*E1
clock mode: inter-clock, line-clock
connector: BNC (75(Ohms) ) , RJ45 (120(Ohms) )
E1 Impedance: 75(Ohms) (unbalance) , 120(Ohms) (balance) .

10/100 Base-T interface:
Interface Rate: 10/100Mbps
Duplex: half and full duplex self-adapt.
Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1Q(VLAN) .
Connector: RJ45, support auto-mdix
MAC address capability: 4096

Working environment:
power supply: AC220V; DC 48V
power consumption: <=5W
working temperature: 00C ~ 500C
storage temperature: -400C ~ +700C
humidity: 95 %
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