Sell 4 Piece Comforter Sets

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220cm x 240cm, 1 (87 x 94, 1)

245cm x 260cm, 1 (96 x 102, 1)

48cm x 74cm, 2 (19 x 29, 2)

for 6-feet bed, 1.8 meters wide

100% cotton, 40s, 133 x 74 the yarn count density, active dyeing, no fading.

Product Details:
Adopting high-density 100% cotton twill fabric, ( 40s, 133 x 72) soft , good moisture absorption, good breathability, pilling resistance, suitable , warm and no skin irritant accepted by most customers.

Design Style:
This style scatters spots to display the life scenes of girls. Its overall layout is unconstraint, generosity, leisure and fashion. The combination of the various scenes of life takes you to a fresh and bright condition, just like life itself, with every aspects floating beyond your eyes. Its successful design also lies in the beauty and pleasant atmosphere you feel, in the sophisticated printing process which creats a sense of exquisiteness and in the elegant colors and fashion elements. This style diplays the individuality to an extent and provides you a fresh visual experience.

Elegant engagement 4 Piece Comforter Sets (King)