Sell 4-Tertiary Butyl Catechol

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Appearance: White or pale yellow solid, turn into sticky liquid after moisture absorption, dissolved in ether, alcohol, CC14, acetone, toluene; slightly dissolved in hot water. It is 25 times higher than hydroquinone at 60 degree C for polymerization inhibitory effect.

Specification Content

Appearance White or pale yellow powder
Condensation Point degree <=520
Content >=99.5%
Ash content <=0.2%

Application: Abbreviation TBC. It is used for the polymerization inhibitor of olefin monomer distillation or storage and transportation, especially suitable for styrene, butadiene, 2-chlorobutadiene, isoprene, chloroethylene etc. monomers. It also can be used as antioxidants for PE, PP, Poly-chlorobutadiene, Nylon, and synthetic rubber etc. polymers and oil or its derivatives, ethyl cellulose, lubricant oil, metal soap etc. Besides, it can be used as purification agent for aminoformate catalysts and stabilizer for many organic compounds.

Packaging: 25Kg/barrel