Sell 4 channel car amplifier, 4 x 60W RMS

4 channel car amplifier, 4 x 60W RMS You May Also Be Interested In: 12 in subwoofer 12 inch subwoofer 4 channel amplifier car speaker systems
60W X 4 RMS @ 4 ohms <0.05% THD from 20Hz ~ 20KHz 11dB
2 ohm stable
S/N Ratio >=97dB
Low Level input
Build-in Crossover(bass/treble/gain control)
High pass 120 Hz - 3KHz
Low pass 50Hz - 250 Hz
Full protection circuit
275 x 238 x 60mm

4 x 60 Watts RMS output is powerful enough to for the car speaker systems available in the market. When bridged, it generates RMS 120Watts power output, which can drive a 12 inch subwoofer easily