Sell 4 in 1 Multifunctional Heat Press

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1. Four functions for T-shirt Press (30x38cm) , Mug (DIA: 7.5-9cm) , Plate (DIA 11cm, 15cm is optional) and hat.
2. Digital control system PID Micro-computer controller . high precision (10) has micro-switch knob.
3. All digital time show, high accuracy.
4. Heat Tube integrate with Heat Board in one unit, safety, durable, heat distribute uniformity. And strong heat exchange
5. There is a protecting layer which composed of fluorine and titanium on heating plate
6. There is a silica gel pad which can withstand 400 centigrade and doesn't distortion on the motherboard
7. Pressure adjustable. Easy operation
8. Beautiful appearance, small and exquisite cubage , effective improve working


Dimensions:(L x W x H) 38x43x34cm
Voltage: 220-240v
Power: 1250W
Temperature range: 0-380 degree
Color: white
Net weight:33kg
Gross Weight:34kg
Timing range: 0-999sec
CE Certificate

Operation :

1. Turn on power switch, the indication light will bright.
2. Hold the handle then turn the heating plate to right.
3. adjust the temperature controller to the suitable temperature (generally : 1200-2000) ,
4. adjust the timer to the suitable time. ( generally: 5sec-20sec)
5. Put the clothes flat on the heating plate, then cover with the transfer paper on the clothes, (please note the obverse and reverse of the paper) . pull the heating plate to the original place, press the handle down until the end.
6. the buzzer will alarm when time is over , at this time you should take the handle up to the original place


1. A suitable and firm earth wire for protection is required.
2. Please note the obverse and reverse of the paper when cover the heat transfer paper.
3. if want to tear off the transfer paper in the cold condition , please wipe the paper by brush first , wait 5-10 second , then tear off the paper
4. If want to tear off the transfer paper in the hot condition. please tear it off immediately after printing
5. A suitable time, temperature and pressure are all important factors to a successful transfer printing; and the thickness of the clothes, the material and the kind of the transfer paper can also influence the effect.
6. we are provide all kind of heat transfer paper
7. Please test for print before produce as batch


1, Pressure: if the pressure is not enough or too much, you can loose the pressure screw to adjust it. Please close the adjust lock screw firm after adjusted.
2. , Temperature: if the temperature was reached the set point but the heating plate does not work. Please Check the temperature controller was connecting the power or not while confirms whether the electrical source broken or not.
(Temperature controller needs about 5 minutes to reach 180 centigrade from 0 centigrade) .
3. Time: when time is over but the buzzer does not alarm or alarm endlessly, please check the micro-switches point whether have a suitable distance. Please adjust to the suitable position if unconventionality.
4. This machine was made of center configuration; please don't adjust the extent of pressure too big in order to avoid axletree damage.
5. Please contact us if have any quality problem.
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