Sell 4-wire Resistive Touch Screen

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4-wire Resistive Touch Screen

PRICE: 10 RMB/PC, 1.34 USD /PC
3.5'' WITH Edge, 3.2'' is the real touch size

How it works
4-Wire resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for low cost applications. It consists of a conductive bottom layer (ITO Glass or Film) and a conductive top layer (ITO Film) . The two layers are suspended by many very small spacer dots . When a certain point is touched, the top layer contacts the bottom layer and a voltage charged by the controller is applied to the bottom layer's electrodes. The coordinate X axis of the touch point can be detected by measuring the voltage value thru the top ITO layer and the coordinate Y axis of the touch point can be detected in the same way by changing voltage input to the top layer's electrodes.

Circuiting Rating: 5V DC, 35mA Surface Hardness: 3H
Light Transmission: Film+Film > 75% Hitting Life Expectancy: Over 1 million
Film+Glass > 80% Scoring Life Expectancy: Over 100,000

Contact Bounce: <5ms Operating Temperature: -100C ~+600C

Resolution: 4096x4096 Storage Temperature: -200C ~ +700C
Linearity: 1.5% ( <1.0% By Request) Choices of Glass Thickness: 0. 7mm, 1.1mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Operating Force: 10g~100g Choices of Glass: Normal Glass, Chemically strengthened glass

Highlight & Benefits
Input flexibility -finger (with/without glove) , stylus, pen, credit card.
FPC tail technology surpasses those of our competitors.
o FPC has lower resistance and is more flexible than PET or ITO film used by other suppliers.
Excellent optical performance even with anti-glare hard coating film.
o Capable of handling spacer dots diameter less then 0.035mm (smallest in the industry) .
o Haze < 6% (best optical performance in the industry) .
Various choices of surface treatments available.
o Anti-Newton ring, anti-glare, special chemical hard coating.

Typical Application
Public access, gaming machines, POS(Point of Sale) , kiosks, ATM, industrial controls.
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