Sell 40 A dimmer pack

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◇ Control: DMX512
◇ Voltage input : AC380V110%
◇ Single wire wattage output: 6KW
◇ Wires output: 24 wires
◇ Channels: 6 channels
◇ Channels wattage output: 6KW
◇ Socket output : 40A wood
◇ Relative humidity: 20%~90%
◇ Dimension: 710x560x600MM
◇ Weight: 75kg
◇ There are 24 loops of output of every dimmer. And the output is 6KW per loop, input is DMX data.
◇ It has decoding function. The channel can be chosen randomly by transmit switch.
◇ Light adjustment is tested by 24 loops turning button.
◇ Three phase current indicate , three phase voltage indicate of transfer switch.
◇ 40A plastic output
◇ Innovation of community design of integrate construction with small size, light weight and enjoyable out-look; it can be used in hostile environment and extend using life with new processed style, large space of heat dissipation and powerful low noise heat dissipation fan.
◇ Powerful heat dissipation system, two 41A controllable dimmer modules are connected in individual circles in every dimmer, good loading ability and times of short-cut strike proof is ensured.
◇ Design methods of double code solving, which makes the using of manual transfer of prepared code to work available, ensuring reliability of system.
◇ Effectively in anti-disturbing from magnetic loop(electric) , efficiently restrain disturbing from audio and video equipments, thunder, electric wave and high voltage interruption, device is secured.
◇ Stability is assured with holding function of DMX signal for scene. There is a DMX signal output channel and a DMX isolated loop-out signal output.
◇ Three phase current is indicated alive, and its equivalent matching is visible easily. The voltage of phase and lines of every phase is indicated by choice by transfer switch.
◇ It is easy to operate, and the design of addressing is convenient. Lighting can be adjusted by turning button in turn. The Efficiency of performance control and the flexibility of light control have been improved greatly when the adjustment of light on spot is available.
◇ Loading, discharging and maintenance are very convenient as it is designed of new style, good quality and useful box.
◇ Test dimmer could be designed from every dimmer if needs.
◇ There is indicating light on panel for the convenience of night working.
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