Sell 400W Medical Power Supply

400W Medical Power Supply You May Also Be Interested In: high voltage safety
Output power: 400W
Appearance size: 150*140*86mm
Input feature:
Input: 90-265VAC
Frequency input: 47Hz To 63Hz
Current input: Up limit 8 A/115 Vrms, 60 Hz. Up limit 4A/230 Vrms, 50Hz
Technology feature:
High efficiency
Low ripple, low noise
Output protection of over voltage
Protection of output short circuit for per group
Multi-Country security certification regulation:
MTBF: 100,000.00 hours 0
100% high voltage safety testing
Entire voltage input supported 90-265VAC
In conformity with EN61000-3-2
Power factor>93%
Parameters of specifications:
Intelligent control ON/OFF: Could control the output switch of the power via intelligent control port
Temperature range: working temperature 00~500. Store temperature: -200~+800Temperature loss coefficient: 0.01%/0
Maintaining time: when the rated input voltage is in full output, the maintaining time will be greater than 18ms.
Isolation level: elementary level/secondary level 1800VAC 1S.
Humidity range: 5~95%RH
Efficiency: when it is in a full load it will be greater than 68%
Protection of over load>150%