Sell 400W Roof-Mounted Wind Turbine

400W Roof-Mounted Wind Turbine
Rotor Diameter (m) : 1.95
Material and number of the blades: Enhanced Nylon*3pcs
Rated power/maximum power: 400W/500w
Rated wind speed (m/s) : 9
Startup wind speed (m/s) : 2.5
Working wind speed (m/s) : 3~25
Survived wind speed (m/s) : 40
Rated rotate speed(r/min) : 450
Working voltage: DC12/36V/24V/48V
Generator style: Three phase, permanent magnet
Charging method: Constant voltage current saving
Weight: 30kg
Tower height (m) :6
Suggested battery capacity: 12V/200AH Deep cycle battery 2pcs
Life time: 15years