Sell 40L touch-free sensor bins

40L touch-free sensor bins You May Also Be Interested In: abs plastics touch sensor
Material:S/S and ABS
Capacity:30l,40l,50l available
1. Microcomputer induction technology is adopted with the production.
2. When object touches the upper inductive window, the barrel cover will open automatically and will close automatically after being used. It is safe, swift, convenient and clean.
3. The humanism control of microcomputer makes it touched without touching any bacterium.
4. The microcomputer inductive litter bins meet the needs of modern society and its inductive open cover does not only the percentage of cross infection of various bacteria in daily life, but also is applicable to the large public places, such as family, hotel and plaza.
5. Available in various sizes. Made of stainless steel or plastic, battery operated.
6. Noble, top-grade, applicable, the product is made of strengthened ABS plastics.
32.3x 32.3x63.5cm