Sell 450MHz IF Adjacent Modulator

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T21/202 IF Adjacent Modulator

B202 is one economical model of intermediate frequency (IF) modulator elaborately manufactured by our company according to market characteristics in villages and towns. It is applicable to many channels, and features good sideband characteristic, and accurate PLL frequency. It is the modulator that costs almost as low as high frequency (HF) modulator, but gives extraordinarily excellent parameters of performance.

Equipped with IF SAW filter, it maintains excellent vestigial sideband characteristic.
With simple and optimized circuit design, it enjoys higher reliability.
With CPU controlled PLL, its carrier frequency is accurate, stable.
Video modulation depth, A/V ratio, audio deviation, RF level are all adjustable.

Item Unit Specifications
Output Frequency MHz 48.25~450
Max Output Level dB5V 110
V/A Carrier Power Ratio dB 10~30
Spurious Rejection dB >=60
Freq Accuracy KHz <=10
Video Mod Depth % 87.5
Freq Response Within dB <=2
Differential Gain % <=8
Differential Phase 0 <=8
C/L Delay ns <=45
Video S/N dB >=45
Audio Dev KHz 150
Audio Freq Response dB <=1.5
Audio S/N dB >=55
Power Supply V 180~240/0.5
Temperature Range 0 0~40
Dimensions cm 48.3W14.8W4.5