Sell 460-FX V2.2 Helicopter Outrunner Brushless Motor (3 axletrees)

460-FX V2.2 Helicopter Outrunner Brushless Motor (3 axletrees) You May Also Be Interested In: brushless motor electronic helicopter outrunner brushless motor outrunner motor
Model: 460-FX
Weight: 59g
Diameter: 27.8mm
Length: 47mm
Length of axes: 17mm
Diameter of axes: 3.17mm/2.3mm
Working Frequency: >90%
Working Voltage: <18.8V
Number of batteries: 3-4Cells
Working Current: 25A(Max)
Max Power: 250W
KV: 3000RPM/2800RPM
Screws for installation are included. (2.3mm & 3.0mm)

Highly recommended for upgrading 450X/XL, ZOOM 400, X400 and black eagle 400 etc. It can improve energy of your helicopter. It is made of special material and structure, which can improve the working efficiency to 90% or above and temperature rising is low.

Kv3000 is suitable for 450XL, huge power; the motor will keep normal temperature after a whole fly. The temperate is much lower than other motors.

KV2800 is suitable for X400, black eagle, ZOOM 400 and 36 etc. It can save much electricity. The motor will be tepidity after a whole fly. It has peg-top domino effect will improve stability.

The motor takes Japan high-speed exact axes, high efficiency, work stably and low noise.

Version 2.2 takes three axes design, which can balance the force loading of the motor. It avoids the trouble of changing axes, and can make the force more stably.

Work with 13T gear can fly longer.
Work with 15T gear can fly stronger.

Note: This is high-speed motor, which is suitable for electronic helicopter. It can only be used for the airscrew within 13cm length, or else itll over charge.
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