Sell 48 Channel 1440fps REAL-TIME Hardware Compre. H.264 DVR Card

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Key Features:

H.264 encoder cards in HB-18 series are based on H.264/A_law compression standard and powerful DSP DM645 from TI. Video and audio can be kept entirely synchronous, video resolution supports CIF or Full D1 and frame ratio of video is adjustable continuously which can be up to 25frames/sec(PAL) or 30frames/sec(NTSC) . Multiple boards can be installed on one PC and up to 64 channels encoding with max frame rate working together on one PC.

HB-18 series supports more than 64 channels real-time video preview. It provides full functions as required by DVR applications: such as encoding and playback, motion detection, OSD, video and audio preview, series ID number etc. All above functions do not need extra CPU resource of host PC.

PC Requirements

- Three PCI slots
- Chipset: 845PE, 865PE, 875PE, 915P
- Motherboard:D915PCY, D865PERL Asus: P4P800SE, P5P800 MSI: 865PE Neo2-F, 865PE Neo3-F Gigabit: GA-8PE667, Ultra2 GA-8IPE1000PRO
- Video Card: 128MB ATI Radeon 9250 or 9550, 128MB nVidia GeForce 6200 or 6600
- Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
- Memory: 512MB minimum
- Hard Drive: 500GB minimum
- Windows XP Professional

Product Specifications:
- Real-time full-motion video (Max. 30fps per channel) with synchronous audio on every channel

- Up to 64 cameras can be viewed simultaneously from a single monitor
- Hardware compressed H.264 -- each channel is compressed independently
- Customizable image quality and resolution (up to Full D1 704 x480)
- Remote access and recording on client computer through LAN (network) or WAN (Internet) through static IP or dynamic DNS
- Monitor multiple locations from one DVR
- Bi-directional two-way remote communication between multiple servers in various locations
- Motion detecting (entire frame or up to 12 detection zones per channel)
- Four recording modes: Continuous recording, Motion Detection, External Sensor, or Sensor/Motion
- Alarm email message auto-sending with photo attachment
- Matrix card allows recorded data to be transmitted to a TV monitor (optional)
- Duplex mode -- recording during playback
- P/T/Z/F & Speed Dome control through software or keyboard -- no additional hardware required
- PTZ Auto-tracking with motion detection
- Search/playback by date/time directory (random-access)

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