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We are one of the largest 4A ZEOLITE manufacturer in Southern China,80% supply for P&G Asia/Japan Kao. Our 4A Zeolite quality is very high grade, and size is only1-2um. Parameter, pls check as below.

Item Limits Test Method
Ignition loss(8000,1h) 2011% Q/QZH01-94,5.4
C. E. C Ca Ion exchangecapacity QB 1768-93
mgCaCO3(dry) 320110mgCaCO3/g
C. E. R. :3 minutes >170mgCaCO3/g
C. E. R. :10minutes >200mgCaCO3/g
PH(Suspension 1% 250) <11 Q/QZH01-94,5.5
White grade(w=y) 9710.5% GB/T13176.1
Grain Size(Micron meter) Q/QZH01-94,5.5
D50(Average grain size) 1.5-2.3um
Less than 4um >=90%
Less than 1um <=1%
Sieve residue(wet sieve) <0.2% Q/QZH01-94,5.6
More than 45um
Al2O3(dry) >=3511% Q/QZH01-95,4.5
Bulk density(g/l) 300-400 Q/QZH01-94,5.9
Tap Denisty(g/l) 500-600
Crystalline >=95% X-Ray
Liquid carrying capacity(g/100g) >=31 Minimixer

4A Zeolite detergent is the major builder of none phosphorus or low phosphorus detergent. This is 3 in 1 products confined Marjory with 4A Zeolite detergent, moderate sodium carbonate and organic polymer builder, has the same efficacy as sodium phosphate. It is not necessary to worry about the question of quality.4A Zeolite detergent auxiliary can be confined with many surfactants. Such as linera alkybenzenesulfanate(LAS) , sulfactant-AE, a-olefin sulfonate, if configed with the last one, the efficacy would be especially better.

In attached pix, it is electron microscope photos. FYI

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