Sell 4A zeolite (molecular sieve)

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4A zeolite is becoming the new leading production that can substitute phosphate, is widely used in the field of electron, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, sea water desalination, top science and national defence industry. 4A zeolite also can be highperformance desiccant , used for separating , purifying or cleansing different kinds of gas and liquid in chemistry and petroleum. It also can be catalyzer or catalytic carrier used for adsorbing nitrogen gas from the air. The molecular sieve that enriched oxygen , as ion exchanger can be used in sea water desalination, rare element distilling , wash compounding etc. In the atomic energy industry it can do as storage of fission product and radioactive isotope. In the agriculture it can be the adsorbent carrier of defoliant, maturing agent and pesticide etc. So, there will be widely foreground for 4A zeolite.