Sell 4CH 100/120fps USB DVR

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View your home via web browse or mobile phone.

The UDVR is a simple way to create a versatile high specification CCTV system with recording and remote view capability using a fairly standard PC.

Simply load the software in the PC, connect the cameras to the UDVR and the UDVR into the USB2.0 port on the PC to create a stand alone viewing and recording system without the need for additional monitors or recorders.

Unlike many remote viewing solutions the UDVR does not need a fixed IP address and configure the rout.

You can view home via web b
rowse or mobile phone, it's fast, easy and free. You can very fast login and viewing from anywhere and anytime of the world


1) Send SMS text message to your mobile phone 2) 4ch Real-time (120fps) display and recording 3) Instead 4 channels PC DVR card 4) Upload your videos to your YouTube 5) Can be used with new or existing cameras 6) Remote watching via web browser or mobile phone 7) Simple plug and play USB connection to PC 8) System includes search and DVR software 9) Remote connection via dynamic not fixed IP address 10) Do't need configure the router 11) User friendly software interaction 12) Recordings made directly to PC hard drive 13) Controlled recording via schedule and motion detection 14) E-mail alert of alarm triggers function 15) History search and playback function by date 16) Manual take picture and recording support 17) Suitable for use with Windows 2000, XP or Vista without confliction

Specification USB DVR Video Input 4 CH (RCA) PAL or NTSC
Output 1CH
Audio Input 1 CH
Display Speed 640x480 (120fps MAX. )
Recording Speed 640x480 (120fps MAX. )
Compression Method WMV Compression of Software
Mode Motion, Schedule, Upload*
Playback Display Full screen, Normal size
Search Mode Date
Remote View Mode Via web browser or mobile phone
Alarm Control Part Alarm trigger Motion, Signal/Device lost
Alarm output E-mail alert, Play alarm sound, Event record
HDD Manage Mode Overwrite
System Require

- USB2.0 PC with 1.8GHz processor (Recommended : Above Pentium-IV 2.0GHz)
- 128MB RAM (Recommended : Above 256MB)
- 10GB available hard disk space (Recommended : Above 40GB)
- 1024x768 resolution or best color monitor
- Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Windows Vista
- DirectX 9.0C or higher
- Sound card, Sound box (Recommended)


USB Cable x1
Power Adapter x1
Installation Manual x1
Installation CD x1