Sell 4Mil Polyimide Film

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1) Thickness: 0.10mm
2) Width: 520mm ~ 610mm (can slit as required)
3) Length: 400m, 800m (can slit as required)
Packing: 1roll/ctn

The polyimide film(equivalent of Kapton HN) produced by our plant was formed by polymerization and cyclization of polyamic acid resulted from polycondensation of pyromellitic dianhydride with 4.4'-diaminodiphenyl ether in polar solvent.
This polyimide film possesses a series of excellent properties such as dielectric properties, mechanical properties, temperature-resistance, radiation-resistance, temperature range from-269C to+ 400C.
In addition, it has following advantages:
1. Complete set of film thickness from 0.02mm to 0.2mm, other size may be processed as reguest.
2. A colse tolerance of film thickness, its tensile strength, percentage of rupture elongation and break-down voltage much better than those described in standard JB/T2726-1996.
3. Unique film surface (monoside) coarsing process technology enhancing greatly compound bonding strength compared to other bonding technology at the same conditions.
The polyimide film has been widely applied in all kinds of traction motors, oil-submerged motors, nuclear power plant installation, high-temperature-resistant electric wires and cables, specific electric appliance, fire-proof bus-bar slot, gas mask, flexible printed circuit board, voice coil frame of loudspeaker and etc.
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