Sell 4V Series Solenoid Valve (4V410-15)

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Product Description
Position Number:Two Position Five Way
The Position Counting: Two-Position Three-Way
Effective Section Area: 50mm2 (CV=2.79)
Joint Pipe Bore:Air Inlet=Air Outlet=Exhaust=G1/2"
Working Medium: 40micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern: Inner Guide Type
Working Pressure:0.15-0.8mpa
Max. Pressure Resistance:1.2mpa
Operating Temperature: 5-50
Voltage Range:110%
Power Consumption:AC5.5VA DC4.8w
Insulation&Protection Class:F Class. IP65
Wiring For:Lead Wire Or Connector Type
Highest Action Frequency:5cycle/Sec
Shortest Excitation Time:0.05 Second