Sell 5 Gallon bottle water processing and filling  production line

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1. Simple introduction
Automatic large bottled water filling and packing production line is specially used in 3 gallon to 5 gallon bottled water producing. it is the ideal equipment for filling and packing pure water and mineral water. All lines are made by stainless steel SUS304.

2. Working process:
Bottle from 3gallon to5 gallon -> auto old lid remover -> auto exterior bottle washing machine -> auto interior bottle washing machine -> empty bottle checker -> auto bottle loader -> auto filler -> auto lid capper -> light checker ->hot shrink sealing machine -> outlet conveyor

3. Technical parameter
1) Suitable size of bottle: 3 gallon5 gallon PET/PC bottles
2) The pipe can be material of SUS 304 or PVC
3) Whole line made of stainless steel material
4) Complete production line is automation by Panasonic/PLC-control
5) Capacity: from 60 bottles per hour to 1000 bottles per hour
5) Functions: automatic cap/lid removal, auto exterior bottle washing, automatic bottle interior bottle washing, filling bottles with water, capping lids, automatic shrinking cap.
6) Adopts imported pneumatic component

4. Water pretreatment system for your option
Raw water -> raw water tank -> raw water high pressure pump->multi- medium
filter (Quartz sand filter) -> active carbon filter-> sodium ion exchanger-> water pump-> precision filter ->hollow fiber ultra-filter or RO device ->ozone device ->pure water tank