Sell 5.6" Digital Photo Frame

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1) Main propose is to replace the traditional photo frames with updated
technology, combined by IT technology and TFT LCD display
2) USB interface for connecting to PC, removable disk of PC with function of
storing pictures, music and video file
3) Pictures, music and video file in built-in memory and SD / MMC cards
can be displayed
4) File systems in all memories are FAT or FAT32, various files stored in multi
lever directory
5) Supports JPG and BMP images
6) Supports MPEG4
7) Supports the MP3, WAV and WMA format for listening to music
8) Infrared remote controller

Technical specifications:
1) Power: DC 12V
2) Normal working current: below 300mAh
3) Power consumption: below 0.4W
4) File format: JPEG, MP3, MP4, BMP, WAV
5) Control method: infrared remote control
6) Supports 5 - 5.6" digital TFT color LCD, 16bit color, 640 x 480 or 800 x 600
resolution ratio
7) Supports SD, MMC memory card or other cards as user's requests
8) Up to 128MB / 256MB memory room for storing different media file, supports
multilevel directory manager and explorer
9) Suitable for indoor using
10) Working temperature: 0 - 650C
11) Storage temperature: 65 - 1500C
12) Avoid using in humid environment
13) Life of LCD display subject to the quality of back fluorescent tube, normally
exceed 20,000h
14) Storage period exceed 10 years
15) Package content:
a) 1 digital photo frame
b) 1 user manual
c) 1 remote controller
d) 1 USB cable (optional)
e) 1 DC 12V / 2.0A power (optional)
Note: It is possible to change the front to any traditional frame design.
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