Sell 500cc Auto 4x4, Two/Four Seats, CFMOTO-Powered Utility Vehicle / UTV (UT500)

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Utility Vehicle / UTV (UT500)

Key Features
Convertable 4 seats/2 seats
Powerful 25KW, 500cc CF Engine
Lockable Limited Slip Differential
Switchable 2WD/4WD
High/Low Range
Hydraulic Rear Bed

Size: 500 cc CF Water Cooled
Power: 32 HP / 25 KW

Speed: 40MPH / 60KPH
Fuel Economy: 25 mpg / 9.41 liters/100 km
Fuel capacity: 6 GAL / 20L
Load Capacity: 1,330LBS / 603KG

Drive Train
Transmission: Automatic,
CVT Push Button Command 4 wheel drive
Driveline: Shaft Drive

Chassis and Suspension
Front : Independent MacPherson Struts
Rear : Independent, Double Wishbone

Brakes, Rim and Tire
Front & Rear Brakes: Hydraulic disc
Front & Rear Tire: 25 x 8-12/25 x 10-12

OA Size: 3210x1470x2050mm
OA Weight:: 1,014LBS / 460KG
Shipping info: 4 units/20' 8 units/40hq

Optional Extras
Skid plates, windscreen , turbo charger, alloy wheels.