Sell 50W Laser Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Module, DPSS Laser Cavity

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50W Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Module, DPSS Laser Cavity

This is the GN series water-cooled diode-pumped Nd:YAG modules. The output power is from 50W up to 500W (1064nm) .

For GN50 (50W DPSS Laser Modules) , here is the technical specifications:
Central Wavelength: 1064nm
Typical Output Power: 50W
Typical Operating Current: 20-25A
Typical Operating Voltage: <18V
Threshold Current: Around 7-10A
Nd:YAG Diameter: 3x65mm
Nd:YAG Doping: 0.6%
1) Minimum 1064 nm multi-mode output in a short cavity (200 mm, Plane-Plane Resonator, OC T=20%) .
2) Expected life time is around 10,000 hours.
3) Other doping level can be customized upon request.
4) Other DPSS laser modules can be customized according to specific requirements.
5) QCW / Plused modules available.
6) Warranty: 13 months after delivery.

Sino-Laser (Beijing) Inc, provides following types of regular DPSS Laser Modules:
1) GN20 Series, 20W DPSS Laser Module (2mm Diameter Nd:YAG)
2) GN35 Series, 35W DPSS Laser Module (2mm Diameter Nd:YAG)
3) GN50 Series, 50W DPSS Laser Module
4) GN75 Series, 75W DPSS Laser Module
5) GN100 Series, 100W DPSS Laser Module
6) 150W-500W DPSS Laser Module
7) Customized DPSS Laser Module

1) Laser marking & engraving
2) Laser welding, Laser cutting and other industry applications.
3) Research applications
4) Medical applications
These modules can be used as laser oscillators or amplifiers, and have been widely used for industry metal processing, such as laser engraving / marking, welding, soldering, cutting or etc.
Besides regular modules, Sino-Laser (Beijing) Inc, can also customize various modules according to our client's requirements.

Please contact me for specification details & quotations via email. i will reply within 1 workday.
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