Sell 50gal counter-top RO system

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1) Inner tank: 2gal
2) Daily output: 50gal/24h (190L/24h)
3) Power: 25W
4) Color: white, silver, black, blue

The RO water purifier unit is a five -stage filtration pure-water equipment manufactured with high-tech reverse osmosis technology. After the source water is treated in three pretreatment filters where suspended sediments and other substances bigger than 5 micron are filtrated in the first stage PPF filter and foul smell and byproducts of chlorine are get rid of in the second granule active carbon and the third stage 5um CTO core which could remove even tinier sediments. Then the water enters the fourth stage-reverse osmosis membrane. Therefore, no tiny impurities, harmful dissolved solids, germs or viruses can penetrate the highly delicate RO membrane which acn part the water and the impurities or contaminants to be discharged through the drain pipe.
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