Sell 512MB usb flash disk, with independent operating system, rescue data and backup file easily

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1. Special file-rescuing USB flash disk/portable hard disk:It is a headachy thing that can not enter
WINDOWS system because of infecting virus, damaging track, forgetting password etc.
The first reaction of most people is to rescue the important data on desktop. Expert
of computer or professional data-rescuing company was invited to deal with the problem
before, Now USB flash disk embeded in prayaya operating system that is independent
of hardware can solve it. What you need to do is just to startup prayaya operating
system independent of hardware through USB port, rescue the important data by dragging
mouse. It is very simple and convenient.
2. Intelligent system-backing up flash disk:It is very usual that collapse of
WINDOWS system by infecting virus, deleting by mistake, incompatible etc. These problems
were solved by reinstalling system before. Now by starting up prayaya operating
system independent of hardware through USB port, WINDOWS operating system could
be backed up easily to portable hard disk embeded prayaya operating system. System
could be renewed to initial state once the local system collapses. The operation is
simple, renewed time is short.
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