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56K USB Modem

Description :
IC+ 56K Data/Fax USB Modem is a convenient and cost effective modem for current dialup Internet solution. It requires no external power and features hot plug and play in Windows operating system. This modem supports V.90 lite protocol providing up to 56K download and 48K upload speed when you access Internet. It is a hardware modem, not occupied system resource.

1. 56K Data/Fax modem with USB interface
2. Compliant with V.90, and V.42/V.42bis/MNP5 protocols
3. Compliant with V.17, V.29, and V.27ter Group 3 fax protocol
4. Up to 56K data download, 48K data upload, and 14.4K fax communication
5. Provide Quick Connect and Modem-on-Hold features
6. Support Auto-Dial, Tone and pulse dialing, Auto answer, Auto retrain
7. Support Caller ID and distinctive ring detect, Auto format/speed sensing, Data/Fax/Voice call discrimination, Single configuration profile stored in host, call forward/fallback
8. Support Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
9. High performance, and low cost
10. Small size, for Notebook and Desk Top PC use
11. Compatibility: AT and extended AT command set compatible.

ACCESSORY: TAE cable; USB cable; installation guide; driver CD

Color: Black, White, Blue, Green, Purple and Red.

Packing Information:

NUDE UINT Size: 55*207*160MM

Modem Wight: 0.11KG

PER CARTON Size: 435*340*568CM