Sell 58 piece Opal glassware set (Heat resistant opal glass dinnerware)

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Our company mostly sells heat-resistant and tempered opal glassware which is made from natural silicon and high quality chemical which are melted and cooled down and then solidifined as non-crystal and non-organism. The character of the product is brightness, hardness, anti-corrosion, heat-resistance, and easy going through micro-waves. It is non-poisonous , odorless and without qualitative change
Product Details:
Dinnerware Type: Dinner Sets
Material: Opal glass
Tech: Mile-white, toughening treatment, automatic moulding
One set contains:
HYP120/1pc, HYP80/1pc, HP90/6pcs, HP70/6pcs, HSP80/6pcs, HP55/6pcs, HP45/6pcs, XWB190/6pcs, XWB85/6pcs, W45/6pcs, YGG1.5/1+1pcs, HW90/1pc, TZ40/1+1pcs, NZ190/1pc, CH850/1+1pcs.
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1. The quality of our products are high
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