Sell 5KW Vertical Axis Wind Permanent Magnet Turbine/Generator-magnetic levitation

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Wind turbine blades: We utilize high strength glass fibre reinforced plastic and epoxy resin to make blades. The wind rotor operate well(stably and quietly) . This kind of new aerofoil is elaborately designed by aerodynamic and hydromechanical specialists(experts) . It start-up wind speed(or cut-in wind speed) is very low, and the wind energy (rotor power) coefficient is very high.
Generator: It is made up of the superior high strength permanent magnetic material. The volume is small and the weight is light, the generating electricity coefficient is high. The generator specialist(expert) use special electromagnetic technology to make the generator have extremely low start-up drag torque, which can make sure the VAWT start-up in the gentle breeze. The generating electricity coefficient, start-up performance and overspeed overload capacity of generator are all in leading position in this field.
Whole machine: It is made up of alloy aluminum/steel precision casting. It is widely used in air temperature: -30-60, high humidity, karaburan and salt mist(in some atrocious weather) . It has high reliability. BF series small VAWT, whose appearance is beautiful, installation is easy. You can enjoy the clean (green) energy, at the same time, you will see a beautiful scenery.

Technical parameters Model
Power 5KW
Rotor diameter 4m
Height of Blade 3.7m
Material of Blades Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Number of Blades 3
Rated rotor speed 100r/min
Rated wind speed 11m/s
Start-up wind speed 3.2m/s
Range of Rated wind speed 3.2-25m/s
Survival wind speed 50m/s
Output Voltage AC220/380V