One Time Sell 5MW Wood waste to energy plant

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Foster Wheeler -2 drum boiler
50,000 PPH
900 Psig
900 degrees F
Equipped with Detroit stoker water cooled vibrating inclined grate,
air heater, economizer, multi-cyclone dust collector, Detroit cinder
classification and reinjection system, Coen light oil burner (40%
capacity) , Copes Vulcan sootblowers.

Peter Brotherhood turbine and gear reducer operating at 10,251 rpm with
output speed of 1800 rpm coupled to a GEC 5900 kVa, 60 Hz, 4180 volt
generator, with two pass divided water box seawater cooled condenser
designed to operate at 0.084 bar, extraction pumps, two bled steam points,
vacuum pumps, lube oil system (AC&DC) , barring gear, Woodward governor
& controls.
Brand Name
Foster Wheeler
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
5 MW