Sell 5W,16.5V armophous silicon flexible solar panel

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Technical specifications:
. Open-circuit voltage: 23.8V
. Short-circuit current: 0.4A
. Maximum working voltage: 16.5V;
. Maximum working current: 0.33A;
. Maximum wattage: 5W;
. Dimension: 542W248W15mm;

Weight: 0.6kg

Measurements made under the standard test conditions (STC) :
. Irradiance of 1 kW/m2
. Spectrum of AM1.
. Module temperature of 25 centi-degrees

Product Description
. Amorphous silicon thin film solar with triple-junction deposited on the stainless steel substrate
. Polymer laminated, Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass)
. A blocking diode is included to prevent battery discharge from flowing into the module.
. Damp-proof and durable
. Light weight, anti-impact, easy to use and carry
. Environment Temperature for using: -40 -+85 centi-degrees

. The flexible solar modules can not be bended excessively and randomly.
. During the transportation, installation, application and maintenance, it is forbidden to step and put heavy pressure and scratch on the surface of the module with blunt instrument.

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