Sell 5XFS-series air-screen cleaner

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5XFS-series air-screen cleaner is to screen the light impurity through vertical air sieve according to grain aerodynamic feature, then go into vibration sieve, clean big and small impurity by different types of high precise sieve blade in accordance with different grain size. Three-layer screening machine classify the material to big and small grain;
four-layer screening machine classify to big, middle and small grain. This series is widely used in seed processing and agricultural product processing industry, and have fantastic screening effect for corn seed, wood seed, grazing seed, minor cereal, legume and other commodity grain. Bearder and corn thresher could be equipped according to customers requirement.
Product Advantage:
1. Equipped with high density vibrating motor, water proof, high and low temperature bearable and reliable;
2. Adopted fine quality insert ball bearing, smooth transmission, no need to lubricate within 5000 hours operation.
3. Elevator rotating shafts anti wrapping jute bag and plastic bag string structure reduced daily maintenance
4. Precise elevator two grade deceleration reduced shatter when throwing the material
5. Double barrel elevator effectively prevented falling grain flow into secondary wheel, largely reduced shatter.
6. Unique elevator hopper and secondary wheel design prevented smash, increased production
7. Soft rolling board type output hole design, ensuring no sprinkle when replacing bag; additional magnetic function could take metal impurity out
8. Adjustable flow direction and quantity according to different requirement
9. Round wind pipe adopted mechanical sealing technology, no welding resistance to wear;
10. Reasonable whirlwind dust exhausting structure, tight convolute ash unloading valve, reduced wind leakage, increased dust removing efficiency
11. Adopted fine, high elasticity, low temperature resistant screening rubber ball, with effective screening even in winter
12. Motor control equipped with overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection function; control cabinet with socket could realize moving operation and night lighting.
13. Metal plate with acid washing, phosphating; paint with high adhesive force, rust resistant