Sell 5mm Mini-Box Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor

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5mm mini-box metallized polyester film capacitor, are non-inductively wound with
metallized polyester film as dielectric/electrode with copper-clad steel leads and
encapsulanted in a plastic case sealed with epoxy resin.

1) Box type provides the identical outer apparance
2) Wide capacitance range, small size, high capacitance rate
3) Long life due to self-healing effect
4) Suitable for blocking, by-pass and coupling of DC and signals to VHF range
5) Widely used in filter, noise suppression and low pulse circuits
6) Rated voltage: 50V, 63V, 100V
7) Capacitance range: 0.010 - 10.05F
8) Capacitance tolerance: 15% (J) , 110% (K)

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