Sell 6% and 3%  Aqueous Film-forming Foam Extinguishing Agent

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6% and 3% aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent
Item No. : AFFF6/AFFF3

Aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent (light water foam extinguishing agent) is composed of carbon-hydrogen surfactant, fluoro-carbon surface active component, assistant, stability component, cold-resistant component, and so on. It is a kind of high-efficience foam extinguishing agent. Since it can form a protection film on the oil surface to constrain oil evaporation, this extinguishing agent, which can be produced by the agent mixed with water in the ratio of 6: 94 or 3: 97 in the low expansion foam equipment, is often used to extinguish the oil fire. It will be more effective when aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent is used with powder extinguishing agent in extinguishing the oil fire in large area. The remarkable characteristics of aqueous film-forming foam extinguishing agent is that, it has high speed and efficiency in extinguishing fire, possesses prominent reburn-against and sealed performance and long storage period. This agent can be also used to extinguish the fire in oil tank by the means of base injection. The agent is used broadly in oil field, refinery, oil depot, shipping, dock, airfield, and garage.

Packing, Preservation and Operation Request

The agent is packed in single plastic barrels of about 50kg or 200kg.
When this agent is transported and kept, it is prohibited to mix with other chemical products. . .
This agent should be kept in a cool and dry place. The ambient temperature is -50 C~400 C. Be careful of the insolation. Be careful of the insolation.
Preservation period of the agent is eight years in the above range.


No. Testing Item Technique Index
1, cold resistance and thaw resistance property ( foam liquid unaffected by cold and thaw)
Invisible layer and uneven
2, PH value6.0~9.5
3, precipitate (vol. %)
Before aging<= 0.25; Precipitate can pass 1805m sifter
After aging<= 1.00; Precipitate can pass 1805m sifter
4, fluidity
Flux of foam liquid is bigger than that of standard referenced liquid
5, diffusion coefficient, mN/m positive value
6, expansion foam >= 5.0
7, 25% drainage time, min(200 C) >= 2.5
8, extinguishing fire property
AFFF3 IA level, water;
IC level seawater
AFFF6 IC level

Kindly note that the above specification is only for your reference, the exact quality is as per our actual sample. To determine if our product is fit for your specific application, kindly make a test on our sample beforehand.