Sell 6-Ways Multi (Voltage & Tri-Chemistry) Radio Charger

6-Ways Multi (Voltage & Tri-Chemistry) Radio Charger You May Also Be Interested In: battery for motorola packs motorola radio charger vehicle charger
Universal AC input or DC input for vehicle. Charger designed with MCU, automatic detects battery pack voltage and chemistry, with short circuit, high or low temperature protection.
1: Battery Type : 6-12V Ni-MH/Ni-Cd, 7.2V Li-Ion Battery Pack (Automatic)
2: Input : AC100-240VAC, 50/60Hz. DC10.8-30V,
3: Output : 6-12V, 650mA,
4: Safety : UL, CE, CCC,
5: Colour : Black,
6: Weight /size : ~5Kg, 510x190x123mm or 295x198x120mm

Charger can charge following battery packs
Motorola : EP450/CP150/CP200/PR400, GP300/88/GTX/PTX600/GTXSER/LTS200/MTX638/GP600, HT1000/MT2000/MTS2000/GP900/GP1200/MTX8000/MTX900/838/MTXLS/B7/B5/B3
Kenwood : TK260/360/270/370/278/278G/378/378G/388/2107/3107, TK280/380/480/481/290/385, TK2140/3140/3131, TK2140/3140/3131/260/3160, TK3202/2202/3207
Icom : IC-F3GT/F3GS/F4GT/F4GS/F21BR/21GM, F14/24/16/26, IC-F3/F3S/F4/F4S/T2A/T2E
Maxon : SP130/140/150/SL55, SP300/SP310/SP320/SP330/SP340
Yeasu : VX110/150/160/180/210/400/800/VXA120/200
Uniden : SPS801/802
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