Sell 66200 High viscosity/high delivery grease pump

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Suitable for 180-220L drums
Max. delivery :12L/min

Force feed high volume pumps
Extreme viscous grease
Reduce waste
Clean and convenient method of drum change

Our pumps take on the toughest challenges from transferring lighter fluids(oils, solvents and adhensives) to moving medium-viscosity materials(RTV silicone, greases, coatings, plastisols and offset inks) to pumping very heavy viscosity materials(ink flushes, epoxies and mastics) .

Positive-priming force on the material:Downward force of the follower forces material into the pump inlet, assuring positive priming of high-viscosity materials

Follower Has an elastomer seal:Twin blade wiper seals against the material containers sides, preventing drying and contamination of the material and wipes the containers sides clean
Four-way air valve control:This directional valve controls
Up/down movement of the follower. primer unit remains coupled to the air system at all times(use of an air regulator and gauge is recommended) .