Sell 6F pian socks knitting machine

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Main features and functions :
1, Each line may be weave with a main color and five auxiliary color.
2, Each sock may be knitted with thirteen colors.
3, The complete knitting system is controlled by computer.
4, Keep high speed running to improve the inside triangle.
5, As adopting stepper motor, thread tension and density is adjustable.
6, The thread and the triangle are controlled by electronic air controller.
7, The maximum pattern range is 1200 lines.
8, Using sensing devices to protect computers and electronic components automatically.
9, Automatic oil supply for reading hand to keep reading speed.
10, Pattern design system may be used in WINDOW 98/2000/XP
11, Suitable for Three-Phase Power of 220 / 380/415 and frequency of 50/60HZ.
12, The main parts of machines are general spare parts and may be interchanged with other types of machines.
13, Automatic adjustment to zero at boot position.
14, May store the pattern for power failure or other reasons.
15, The installation of UPS may ensure the continuous weaving for the instant power failure.

16, Display panel of pattern design.
17, This type of machine can weave the whole three-dimensional cotton socks and may meet more requirements in sock design.
18, When weaving stocking toe and heel with the needle-pressed technology , the angle is adjusted by computer. It can greatly enhances the work efficiency and overcomes in the past pressed single dose of various defects

Specification: ys-606P
Use for: Plain Socks
Cylinder Diameter(") : 3+1/2
Needle Count(N) : 84-200
Running Speed (RPM) : 250-380
Control: Servo Driver
Power Required(kw)
Drive Motor: 0.85
Fan Motor: 1.1
Control Box: 0.80
Floor Space (W*L*H) : 150*120*240
Net: 330
Gross: 400
Packing Size (W*L*H) : 110*100*180