Sell 6MR160D-10 Saw Delinter

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This Saw Delinter is one of the main cottonseed processing units, which is designed and made by our company. It is used to remove the short fiber from cottonseed after ginning. It is one of the main processing units for cottonseed oil mills and cottonseed processing plants for planting.
6MR160D-10 Saw Delinter with brush doffing is a new hi-capacity saw delinter. This machine shows a full new design way. Its novel structure, excellent performance and high automation will give you a fresh and new feel. It can meet the demand of renovation of the cottonseed oil mills and it is the first equipment for the cottonseed processing plants to choice.
Main Features
1. Adopting double rollers to control the cottonseed feeding system automatically, so the volume of cottonseed feeding can be controlled automatically, the cottonseed feeding is even and the control means is very easy and reliable.
2. The shape of the roll box is designed more reasonable and the front plate is made of stainless steel, which improved the working condition of cottonseed roll and increased the delinting capacity.
3. In order to delint different grade linters, we have designed two special roll boxes, one is for the first cut, the other for the second and third cut, which will make you more convenience.
4. The roll box can be automatically opened and closed, and it can be opened at a large angle, which will make assemble and disassemble of the saw cylinder more easily. At the same time, it can assure that the open of the roll box at small angle during the normal operation, therefore the working intensity of operators is much reduced.
Main Technical Data Parameter
The performance parameter as follows when processing the cotton seed with 8-10% moisture content and 0.4-0.6% lint content.
Performance parameter: First cut/Second cut/Third cut
Unit capacity/hour(kg) :>=4000/1000~1200/800~1000
Linter production percentage: 1~1.5/3.5~5/2.5~3.5