Sell 6V/9V/12V/16V/19V,3.5A Portable Multi-functional Laptop Solar(22W) Charger

6V/9V/12V/16V/19V,3.5A Portable Multi-functional Laptop Solar(22W) Charger You May Also Be Interested In: connection wires flexible solar panel laptop adaptor professional digital camera solar laptop charger
1. This is one multi-functional portable flexible solar laptop charger which can be used to
charge laptop, mobile phones, PMP/PSP/PDA/MP3/MP4, professional digital camera, portable DVD;
2. This charge is conbined by flexible solar panel, connection part(connection wires, connectors)
together with the controlling power box;
3. The controlling power box(battery) could be althernatively charged by the city electricity or
the provided solar panel;
4. The following is the specifications on individual part:-

Solar panel:
-Amophous flexible solar panel;
-Output voltage:19V;
-Output current:1.2A;
-Dimensions:unfolding:610*800mm, folding:300*230*30mm;

Controlling power box
-Outer case:aluminum annoy & argent;
-Battery inside:11.1V,6600mAh Lithium Polymer battery;
-Battery life span:>=1000 times (will attenuate 20% after 300 times of use )
-With DC & USB output interface;
-With DC input interface;
-Automatically-identifying DC output:6V/9V/12V/16V/19V;
-Automatically-identifying current output:3.5A max. ;
-USB output voltage:5V;
-Automatically-identifying power output:66W max. ;

Laptop applications:-
-Laptop adaptor outputting:15V-20V/2A-4A;
-Laptop (battery) fully charging time through controlling power box together with the
solar panel basing on STC 1000W/m2: about 6 hours;
-Laptop (battery) fully charging time through the adaptor:3.5 hours;

-2pcs connection wires;
-Laptop connectors combination;