Sell 6kv, 6.6 kv medium voltage frequency changers, middle voltage adjustable frequency drives

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Voltage: 6 kv, 6.6 kv
Power Range of single 6kv adjustable frequency drive: 315kw - 5000kW

This middle voltage (high voltage) adjustable frequency drives is of AC-DC-AC voltage type with main loop of multi-level topology circuit. The control mode adopts SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology. The input uses isolated transformer of multiple technology, while the output is fulfilled by the solution of phase-shifting tandem multi-unit and high-voltage to high-voltage direct conversion.

The 6kv, 6.6 kv medium voltage (mv) frequency inverter, middle voltage adjustable speed drive consists of three main parts: transformer cabinet, power unit cabinet, and control cabinet.

The layout of these 3 cabinets: on the left is transformer cabinet, power unit cabinet is in the middle , while on the right part is control cabinet.

Regarding specialized design for cooling, in order to improve the stability of the control circuit and to make the debugging more convenient, the control cabinet door is put on the right of the machine. Our 6kv, 6.6 kv inverter adopts cabinet structure with forced air cooling. The big capacity machine adopts the cooling mode of water-cooled, air-closed circulation. The wiring terminal of input and output of the complete machine is placed on the lower left back. It is easy for connection

Years of accumulative technology of high-power (middle-power) drive increases the product's power supply (315 kw - 5000 kw) .
Unique low-induction bus structure, thus ensuring stable operation of the power unit.
specialized cooling design and design of components layout, which enable our middle voltage adjustable frequency drive to work more reliably.
Non-disturbance switch between grid electricity frequency and inverted frequency, making sure that the equipments will work uninterruptedly.

Our 6kv, 6.6kv medium voltage frequency changers, middle voltage adjustable frequency drives can drive and regulate the high-voltage (medium voltage) motor in almost all kinds of application area. The speed regulation is smooth, the efficiency and power factor is enviable. They are widely used in the industry, including, but not limited:
oil & gas, military, aviation, space flight, power station, steel, medicine, petrochemistry, machinary, light industry, construction, water supply & drainage, naval vessel and so on. And This model of middle voltage frequency converters have been exported worldwide such as East Europe, South America, Russia, southeast Asia, . . .

We offer world-class and cost-effective solutions of 6kv, 6.6 kv medium voltage vvvf drives of 315 kw - 5000 kw, which are come backed by our world leading after-sales support, maximizing your automation investment now and in the future.
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