Sell 70 Brix Apple Juice Concentrate

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1. Product Description: Clarified Apple Juice Concentrate is prepared from fresh, sound and properly mature apples which go through the following technological process including washing, sorting, crushing, pressing, pasteurization, enzymatic treatment, ultra-filtration and evaporation etc. It is used mainly in the production of packet juice beverage drinks and as an ingredient in the production of various food and beverage products such as soft drinks, cider, yoghurt and candies.

2. Sense Request

1) Color: Brown or red brown, turning jot dark after setting for a long time
2) Aroma/Flavor: The juice should have normal apple flavor and aroma, no peculiar smell.
3) Appearance: Clarity, no sedimentation and suspension
4) Impurity:Macroscopic impurity not allowed.

3. Physical Characteristics
1) Brix(200 Refraction) :70.0-72.0 Brix
2) Acid >=0.7%
3) PH: 3.6-4.4
4) Color (T440nm 11.5Bx) >=45%
5) Clarity (T625nm 11.5Bx) >=96%
6) Turbidity (11.5Bx) <=3.0 NTU
7) ASH >=1.12%
8) Amino-nitrogen >=42mg/100g
9) Copper <=5.0mg/kg
10) Lead <=0.3mg/kg
11) Arsenic <=0.2mg/kg
12) Pectin:Negative
13) Starch:Negative
14) Alcohol <=5.0g/kg
15) Patulin: <50ppb

4. Microbiological Index
1) TPC (cfu/ml) <=100
2) Yeast/Mould(cfu/ml) <=30
3) Coliform(cfu/100ml) <=1
4) ATB(cfu/ml) <=1
5) Pathogenic bacteria:Negative

5. Package
1)275kg steel drum outside, aseptic bag inside, Storage at 0~50 or-180
2)270kg steel drum outside, double plastic bag inside , Storage at 180, (up to customers demand)
3)21mt-21.5mt Flexitank. Storage at 0-50 or -180
4) Marked Product name / Type / Quantity / Manufacture / DOM etc
5) Other packages: the special requirement up to customers demand
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
8000 tonnes per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
L/C or D/P at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Chinese main port