Sell 75W DC-AC Power Inverter

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General Overview: This compact unit plugs directly into your car's cigarette lighter, and supplies standard AC power. It's perfect for items like cell phones, laptops, and camcorders.
Protection Features: overload and over temperature protection, plus automatic shutdown, which prevents total battery discharge. An internal, user-changeable 8-amp fuse provides additional protection for connected equipment.

Slide Control: If the cigarette lighter socket is too large, you can adjust the negative connectors using the slide control, ensuring a snug fit.

AC Output Voltage: 115V or 220V(+/-10 volts) AC
AC Output Frequency: 60 Hz (+/-4 Hz)
Maximum Continuous AC Output Power: 60 watts
Maximum 5-minute AC Output Power: 75 watts
Maximum AC Output Surge Power: 150 watts
DC Input Voltage Range: 10.7-15.6 volts DC
Battery Drain with no AC Load: <0.15 amps DC
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