Sell 8/9CH Stand-alone DVR

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Main Functions
 It uses built-in 32bit micro processor, real-time operations system which guarantees the systems efficiency, reliability and stability.
 Nine channel synchronized recording of video and audio.
 Optional input/output format (PAL/NTSC) ,
 Each channels index of video and audio can be set separately.
 Four different recording ways (manual, timing, moving and alarm)
 Easy and quick video replay and indexing. Support quick forward, backward and replay of single frame.
 Support 1/4/9 screen and PIP real-time surveillance and recording replay, which means the replay of recorded video and real-time surveillance can be conducted at the same time.
 The operation and control to the server can be conducted by pressing the buttons on the server, infrared remote controller, and connected PC.
 The standard FAT32 document system enables the recording file can be read on the PC system. The video can also be played with the built-in software.
 It is installed with 4 IDE channel which can support eight hard disks over 200G.
 Strong hard disks management which support the hard disk format and partition.
 It supports TCP/IP and UDP protocols. Through the PC client software and LAN, the user can setup the systems parameters, real-time supervise the video and audio, check the system status, or record the video stream and backup the stored recording and remote control the cradle camera.
 Video moving dynamic check. Each channel can set 64 dynamic checking areas with 10 degrees of sensitivity.
 Video shield function. Each channel video can set 64 shielding areas.
 It provides a RS-485 interface which can realize the real-time control of the camera and cradle controller. The system has several built-in communication control protocols.
 It supports network software update which makes it easy for user to the upgrade maintenance and function expansion.
 Security safeguard functions like system lockout, password check and user authorization.

Technology Index
 Video parameters
Video input: PAL format (625 lines/frame, 50 frames/second) NTSC format (525 lines/frame, 60 frames/second)
Nine channel compound video input (BNC nozzle, 1VP-P,75(Ohms))
Video output: PAL format (625 lines/frame, 50 frames/second) NTSC format (525 lines/frame, 60 frames/second)
Single channel compound video out (BNC nozzle, 1VP-P,75(Ohms)) .
 Audio Parameters
Audio input: nine channel audio input (lotus head, 20-100mv,10K(Ohms))
Audio output: single channel audio input (lotus head, 20-100mv,10K(Ohms))
 Alarm Interface
Alarm in: four routs alarm input (support constant open/constant close)
Alarm out: dual routs alarm output (constant open, relay close output)
 Compression Algorithm: Video compression: H.264, Audio compression: G.722
 Video resolution: real-time display (704*576) , VGA output (1024*768)
Video compression Half-D1 (704*288)
 Audio capture sample rate: 8K16bit
 Video Quality: optional video quality Half-D1 (high( or CIF (low)
Each video quality has 6 grades (1,2,3,4,5,6) .
 data size statistics: Half-D1:
Video quality 1-500M/H, 2-400M/H, 3-300M/H, 4-200M/H, 5-100M/H, 6-70M/H
Video Quality 1-300M/H, 2-200M/H, 3-150M/H, 4-100M/H, 5-80M/H, 6-50M/H
 Operation system: Built-in real-time operation system (RTOS) .
 Network connection: 10M/100M self-adaptation LAN joggles.
 Power supply: 220130% V, 5013% HZ
 Consumption of the Server: (without hard disk) 50W single/dual channel
 Outside size: 440mm wide, 560.50 mm deep, 96.6mm high
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