Sell 8 Bit 2in1 Ping-Pong & Boxing TV Game 8 Bit

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KinZo is proud to introduce the latest in Virtual TV games(VTG) . Utilizing an infrared technology, the game allows the player to compete against a Virtual opponent on the TV screen, while using a completely wireless handle. The game console packs a high-end processor, which will recognize a full range of motions.

We offer a variety of games, including ping pong, tennis, and boxing. All of our Virtual TV games(VTG) connect directly to a TV through the AV sockets located on the front or back of the TV.

Product Name:2in1 Ping-Pong & Boxing TV Game 8 Bit
Model No. :KZ-TVGame2004

7Virtual reality, sport, entertainment, connect with TV directly, no time, space and player limit
78 bit . Infrared ray control
The main frame has two game functions, Ping-pong & Boxing TV Game. The default setting is Ping-pong TV game, if you want to enter into boxing TV game, please press the left button. If you need return ping-pong game, please press the right button. (Ping-pong TV game need collocate our Ping-pong rackets, and to play boxing TV game need buy our boxing gloves. )

1) Real feeling of sport and competition
2) Small size, simple to use, convenient to carry
3) Clear menu instruction on TV screen
4) Ideal game for self-training and home entertainment
5) Attractive packaging
Packing: size of box: 22 x18 x 32cm
size of carton: 66x56x47cm / 12pcs

Fittings explanation:
Mainframe 1 piece
Racket 2 pieces (2 pieces boxing gloves for boxing TV game)
AV cable 1 piece
User's manual 1 piece
Guarantee Card 1 piece
Special DC transformer 1 piece
Model Number