Sell 8 CH Real timeDVR

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Main features

- 200/240fps recording: Max.240 complete pictures per second NTSC
- Perfect Quad-plex: Recording, playback, backup, network simultaneously
- Compression Algorithm: High-profile H.264
- Up to D1 resolution: 360x240, 720x240, 720x480 recording resolution adjustable
- Operation system: PSOS real time operation system
- Built-in CD(DVD) /RW backup: Manuel backup mode
- USB 2.0 backup: USB thumb drive
- Full graphical GUI: 3D colored-graphics
- Intelligent search mode: Clear graph for friendly data search
- Individual Ch. Resolution: Different recording resolution per each channel
- Various outputs: Composite/ VGA(1024X768)
- No frame skip: No single frame skip in any playback speed (up to X32)
- Various recording mode s: Manual/Alarm/Timing/Motion
- User management: 4 groups (manager, user1-3)
- Networking: IE, CMS


OS PSOS real time operation system
Video Input/Output 8 In / 2 Composite Out / 1 VGA Out
Video Signal NTSC/PAL Selectable
Display Speed (NTSC/PAL) 240/200fps(Real-time Display)
Recording Speed
(NTSC/PAL) 360x240 240/200fps (complete pictures)
720x240 120/100fps (complete pictures)
720x480 60/50fps (complete pictures)
Monitor Output Main Monitor Output (Composite, VGA)
Recording Resolution NTSC : 360x240, 720x240, 720x480, PAL : 352x288, 704x288, 704x576
Compression Algorithm H.264
Recording Modes Manual/Alarm/Timing/Motion
Motion Detection Supports the Setting of Motion Sensitivity & Area per Camera
Audio Input / Output 8ch Input or 8ch loop selectable/ 1ch Output
Alarm Input / Output 8ch Input / 4ch Output
PTZ Control & Port Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris, RS-485 Port
LAN 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet
Event Log Search Max.500 logs for event records
R Remote Management Remote Configuration and management by Remote S/W
Remote Function Live, Playback, backup, Configuration
Internal CD(DVD) -RW Supported (Option)
External Backup Device USB 2.0 (USB Thumb drive) ; LAN; HDD
System Operation Button on Front Panel, or Remote Controller
HDD Max8HDDs (8HDDs OR 4 HDDs + 1 CD(DVD) -RW)
Operating Temperature
and Humidity -10~600 / 20~80%RH
Power 100VAC-240VAC, 3A, 60/50Hz, App.50W
Dimension and Weight 432 (W) x 96 (H) x 420 (D) mm, 7Kg
Remote Software CMS software or IE
Brand Name
Model Number