Sell 8-Channel Networking H.264 Motion Detect Stand Alone DVR

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Detailed Product Description
Based on an PTOS embedded processor, this equipment provides DVR and DVS
functions. The application of an H.264 compression chip, giving real-time
synchronous audio/video compression and network transmission, ensures
multi-mode operation.

It also supports inter-connection of DVRs, remote access and control,
surveillance, playback and backup.

1) Multi-channel video signal real-time display, recording and playback
2) Supports audio surveillance and simultaneous recording
3) Display real-time system status and automatic supervision of damaged HD
4) Auto power on function
5) Can be inter-connected with other DVRs
6) Easy to form large scale surveillance system

Surveillance and recording:
1) h.264 real-time dynamic compression, D1 and CIF picture quality optional
2) Timer and manual recording functions, supports pre-recording
3) Supports HD auto-cycling recording and network redundancy backup

Pan-tilt control:
1) Supports various decoder and matrix controllers
2) Supports remote network control

1) Playback indexing by recorded time, channel, event and file name
2) Plays back and records simultaneously
3) Screen displays time/date/status and area sheltering
4) Single/multiple windows full screen playback

Alarm & motion detection:
1) Alarm & motion triggering recording function with audio presentation
2) Motion detection, moving object-alarm triggering function

Network surveillance:
1) Supports narrow-band transmission and network audio communication
2) 4-channel real-time network surveillance. Time delay<0.5sec
3) Network surveillance, monitoring, setting, recording, playback and P/T
control are all available
4) Alarm network transmission and remote log in access

1) Sensitive partial picture sheltering function
2) Backup functions with recording data and system parameters
3) Message presentation against frame loss or HD damage
4) Power on/off by timer
5) Network transmission functions
6) Supports remote audio surveillance, video monitoring, recording,
P/T control through client PC

1) A/V Signal
2) Video input: 4-channel multiple video signal (BNC)
3) Video out: 1-channel multiple video signal (BNC)
4) Audio input: 2-channel (RCA)
5) Audio output: 1-channel (RCA)

1) Resolution: up to 720 x 576 (PAL)
2) Frame rate: 25f/s for each channel (PAL)
3) File format: PS flux

1) Media: wide band network and local area network
2) Protocol: TCP
3) Inner Packing: UDP

1) Alarm: up to 4 x 4 on/off input/output (optional)
2) Network port: RJ-45, 10/100BASET

1) Power: 220V AC, 250W
2) MTBF: 25000h
3) Working temperature: -10 - 45oC
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